FaceSpeaker was the Information science B.Sc. thesis project of Tim in 't Veld at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. As of January 2015, we're planning the follow-up to this project. This page provides information about the FaceSpeaker author, links to FaceSpeaker newsmedia appearances and links to related projects. For the project report, please see the Publications page.

About the author

I am Tim in 't Veld (26), master of Business Informatics student at Utrecht University (the Netherlands). My (research) interest is on human - computer interaction. My goal is to design effective software and hardware products which enable users to take full advantage of today's technology. I specialize in the design of assistive technology products for visually impaired users. I also have an entrepreneurial attitude with an interest in the development process and marketization of technology products.



The author was awarded a Google Scholarship for Students wit Disabilities partially in recognition of the FaceSpeaker project. In addition, FaceSpeaker was accepted at student research conferences and extensively covered in Dutch news media. See Publications for full overview.