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This website is retained for archival purposes, see the BlindMobility website for current activities. the FaceSpeaker author wearing the FaceSpeaker prototype device

FaceSpeaker is a prototype wearable face recognition device which supports visually impaired users during social interactions by covertly identifying their acquaintances. The prototype is based on a laptop worn in a backpack, running the open source FaceSpeaker software. The user controls the prototype using a small Bluetooth keyboard. The user wears camera glasses, and the FaceSpeaker software speaks an enrolled person's name when his face comes in view of the camera. Read the short paper.

FaceSpeaker video

Below is an introduction to the FaceSpeaker software. Problems playing the video? Download the video in .wmv format.

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november 28, 2014 FaceSpeaker was presented in a successful poster presentation at the VSNU student research conference 2014! This lead to some newsmedia follow-up, see Project for a list.

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In order for this research effort to succeed user feedback is essential. An open source product is only as good as the community surrounding it. So please contact the author if you have any feedback or suggestions!

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